Webinar material from “Conducting Hybrid Simulations with OpenSees/OpenFresco” now available

All the material from the latest presentation in the popular “Discovering OpenSees: Surfing the waves of OpenSees” webinar series is now available:

This webinar is the continuation of an earlier seminar on OpenFrescoExpress. This second webinar provides a short introduction to the hybrid simulation testing technique and the architecture of OpenFresco. It then illustrates how OpenSees/OpenFresco can be used to setup and execute more complicated hybrid models than what can be done with OpenFrescoExpress. The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to hybrid simulation
  • OpenFresco architecture and TCL commands
  • Downloading and installing OpenFresco
  • Building a hybrid model in OpenSees/OpenFresco
  • Simulated versus real controllers
  • How to use other computational drivers
  • Summary and conclusions








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