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      I want to use OpenFersco and SimFEAdapter Experimental control to do virtual hybrid simulation for steel structures under progressive collapse situations. My plan is to uses OpenSees as master and Abaqus models as submodels. Since I am a new user, I tried to start with examples in the OpenFresco folder. I did not change anything in codes. All requirements (Tcl/Tk 8.6 and OpenSSL) are installed and I have a background about using OpenSees in standalone mode.

      In addition, OpenFresco.exe (and DLLs) and OpenSees.exe are in the same folder that the example files are present. I used the OpenSees to call the slave model (Channel successfully created) and then I called the master model in another OpenSees and got this error “invalid command name “expControl””.  I am not sure about the problem, there is a “loadPackage OpenFresco” in the master code but it seems it could not work. I attached the files that I have in the directory of the example.

      I appreciate it if you could help me with this issue.

      Best regards,

      Mohammad Ali


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