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The OpenFresco interpreter adds commands to Tcl to create the objects needed to conduct a hybrid simulation, such as experimental elements, experimental sites, experimental setups and experimental controls. Each of these commands is associated (bound) with a C++ procedure in OpenFresco. It is this procedure that is called upon by the interpreter to parse the command when it is encountered. In this document we focus primarily on those commands which have been added to Tcl by the OpenFresco interpreter. All existing commands that exist in the Tcl programming language are available to this interpreter. We provide a brief Introduction To Tcl, more detailed documentation on these existing commands can be found in books and on-line.

For OpenFresco we have added commands to Tcl to carry out hybrid simulations. These commands can be grouped into six sections:

  • Modeling Commands – initialize the model building and create nodes
  • Elements – specify the experimental elements
  • Sites – specify the experimental sites (e.g. laboratories or computational sites)
  • Setups – specify what experimental setups are used in the laboratories
  • Controls – specify what experimental controllers are used in the laboratories
  • Signal Filters – specify how to filter experimental signals
  • Recorders – specify what to record during a hybrid simulation
  • Miscellaneous – utility commands that are necessary for other tasks


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