This command is used to define the spatial dimension of a model and the number of degrees-of-freedom at the nodes. Once issued, additional commands are added to the OpenFresco interpreter. This is the same command that is available in OpenSees.

model BasicBuilder -ndm $ndm <-ndf $ndf>

$ndm spatial dimension of problem (1,2, or 3)
$ndf number of degrees of freedom at node (optional)
default value depends on value of ndm:
ndm=1 –> ndf=1
ndm=2 –> ndf=3
ndm=3 –> ndf=6


 model BasicBuilder -ndm 2 -ndf 2 
This example creates a model with 2 dimensions and 2 degrees of freedom per node.

Code Developed by: Frank McKenna, University of California, Berkeley.

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