The OpenFresco source code is stored on GitHub using the Git version control system. Git provides the means to store not only the current version of a piece of source code but a record of all changes that have occurred to that source code over time and a record of who made those changes. The use of Git is particularly common for software projects with multiple developers because Git guarantees that changes made by one developer are not accidentally removed when another developer commits changes to the source code. For the OpenFresco software project, the code is stored in a public repository on GitHub.

Getting the Code

You can get the OpenFresco source code directly on GitHub by creating a fork. However, to download the OpenFresco source code from the repository onto your local machine you will need to install a Git client on your local machine first. For Windows we recommend you install Git for Windows and if you like a Windows shell interface to Git we recommend the TortoiseGit package which is particularly nice and easy to use. It lets you control Git functions via right-click menus as you navigate the file system in Windows Explorer.

Once you have Git installed, you can download the OpenFresco source code as follows:

Browsing the Code

You can browse the source code directly on GitHub. You can view the log of any file or directory and see a list of all the files changed, added, or deleted in any given revision. You can also view the differences between two versions of a file so as to see exactly what was changed in a particular revision.