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OpenFrescoExpress is a simplified version of the OpenFresco middleware software that can be used for projects involving only one or two actuators, meaning one or two degrees of freedom. One of the useful features of OpenFrescoExpress is its Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a built-in help functionality. Through this GUI users can easily:

  • Create a simple structural model with the desired mass, stiffness, and energy dissipation properties by selecting from one of three template structures.
  • Load any ground motion from the PEER ground-motion database or the CSMIP database and generate pseudo acceleration and displacement spectra.
  • Set up an initial displacement condition to perform a free vibration test (and evaluate the effect of experimental errors on the response).
  • Choose to connect to real laboratory controllers, actuators, and data acquisition systems or simulate the behavior of the test specimen to perform dry-runs and/or learn about hybrid simulation.
  • Watch the progress of the hybrid simulation in real time including graphs plotting the structural response at each degree of freedom (displacements, accelerations & forces) and error monitors tracking the accuracy of the test.

OpenFrescoExpress can be helpful to a variety of users from staff and students at labs starting to use hybrid simulation, staff and students at labs that regularly use hybrid simulation but desire a tool for a quick demonstration of the hybrid simulation concept, and for users who are conducting simple tests that want to quickly and easily display useful real-time test data without developing new recorders.

It can also be used as a virtual tool for graduate students and researchers who are not at a laboratory and want to independently learn more about how hybrid simulation works for possible use on a future research project. In this scenario, users don’t need to be in a lab or connected to the actuators to run simulations.

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